BALEAP EAP Teacher Competencies

BALEAP has published a framework of the core competencies that EAP teachers need to bring to their role in order to fulfill its functions completely. The framework was developed using a 3-stage survey of EAP practitioners between April 2005 and January 2006, and further evaluated in a conference workshop in April 2007. The competencies, thus, reflect best practice as viewed by experienced practitioners.The framework is intended to provide guidance for the professional development of teachers, and those responsible for training them.

Eleven core competencies are specified at masters level under the following headings :

  • academic practice
  • EAP students
  • curriculum development
  • programme implementation.

These are subsumed in a single overall competency statement as follows :

An EAP teacher will be able to facilitate students’ acquisition of the language, skills and strategies required for studying in a further or higher education context and to support students’ understanding of approaches to interpreting and responding to the requirements of academic tasks and their related processes.

To obtain a copy of the competency framework in booklet form, please contact us.

Download the Competency Framework [Acrobat PDF 1.7MB ]